“I originally only wrote a small review with 5* but I should write something better because I had a good experience. Had quite a few fillings done (I think it was 7) as well as a hygiene treatment. All of this was carried out during several appointments over the course of about 2 weeks. My teeth feel 10 times better now than they did before my original consultation, and they also look a lot cleaner and healthier. Because I hadn’t been to the dentist in some time I had a lot of buildup on my teeth which meant I required 2 hygiene treatments. After my first hygiene treatment there was one tooth that needed some extra work, and instead of having to wait for the second hygiene appointment I was able to get this specific tooth done on the same day at no extra cost, which I appreciated a lot because I was on a deadline to get this all done. I think the pricing is more than fair. If you’re in York and need a dentist, you’ll have a good experience here”