New Year New Smile

New Year, New Smile

There are so many exciting things to look forward to in 2023, whether you’re getting married, going on that dream holiday, or simply enjoying time with your family and friends, don’t let crooked, stained teeth get in the way of making memories. We’ve got everything you need to help you bring out your most confident…

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Let Your Smile Sparkle This Christmas

It’s December, which means that we’re all being flooded with invitations to parties and planning celebrations. It’s a great time of year to catch up with long distance family and seldom seen friends.  But with great parties comes candid photography, and if you’re self-conscious about your teeth discolouration, this adds a level of anxiety to…

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Your Journey to a Smile with Confidence

The average person smiles about 20 times a day, making our smiles not only an indicator of our health but also the first thing many of us notice when meeting someone new.   Considering the importance of a smile to be proud of, more and more people are looking to enhance one of their best features…

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