“I went with an emergency and was seen same day, then needed a tooth extraction, was very worried about, they were great in the room, when doing it. spoke to me all the way through it, could stop if needed. was quick and painless. would defo recommend for someone who has anxiety about the dentist as they are great and friendly. think i saw Steven and he was amazing, helpful, though full. all you can ask for when you are in pain, also had the dental nurse polly with me which she was amazing, she helped loads when needed. was a good experience and think thats what you need when you are scared of the dentist, so would go back there again. 10/10 would recommend”

Paige Harper

“I have been a patient at Crystal Clear Dental for nearly 10 years. I have a fear of Dentists. Kelly always makes me feel welcome and supports me soon as I arrive. Steven is by far the best dentist I have ever had. He is warm, gentle and is very honest and accommodating. You can tell they want you to have a positve experience and that they really do care. There are many procedures I ask about as I want that Hollywood smile but Steven always tells me the truth of wether its a waste of money or it would be of benefit. This is another reason why I love this dentist. They arnt all about the money. I would recommend anyone coming hear. You definatly get what you pay for and more. Thank you so much to everyone at Crystal clear. P.s Steven also gives the best hugs!”

Vikki Smith

Absolutely fantastic dentist, I have a true fear of dentists, however at Crystal Clear Blake Street York the whole team was amazing. Everything was carried out at my pace, I was talked through the whole procedure, was told what was going on at every stage, what a tremendous dentist.

Reason for going was to have a tooth extraction, no pain at all during the procedure, only one niggerly pain which the numbing injection however I was warned before they injected me that it would hurt a little, that was the only one, 4 other injections were pain free.

Went through drilling and pulling never felt a thing and was put at ease through the whole process, thank you Crystal Clear and all you team at Blake Street York.

Mark Rollinson

I have always struggled with a fear of the dentists and hadn’t visited a dentist in a few years due to this when someone suggested Steve at Crystal Clear. I visited reluctantly not realising quite how much this practice would help me over come my fear. Steve has such a way of putting you at ease, talking you through what he’s doing, being extremely patient and understanding. Not only this but the results of his dentistry are fantastic! I now also visit the hygienist here which is also fantastic. After hearing horror stories of how uncomfortable the hygienist is, I wasn’t looking forward to trying this but truly felt no discomfort at all. I would recommend this dentists to anyone who wants to converted into someone who doesn’t find the dentists traumatising. I have had multiple treatments and regular visits here now across the last few years and couldn’t be happier with my experience. All of the colleagues are also lovely and make you feel equally at ease. Thank you Crystal Clear!

Nicky S

“What a lovely practice…
I am an anxious patient and Stephen was wonderful at putting me at ease. I love how transparent and honest he is. I was talked through the treatment planning and I felt that he did a thorough job. I would definitely recommend Stephen to anyone who is anxious / wants quality treatment. I would also like to thank all the lovely attentive staff for taking care of me today”


My husband is undergoing treatment for cancer, he needed prompt dental treatment before it started. Stephen and the lovely team at crystal clear prioritised him to ensure that it was all done in time. He was anxious but they totally put him at ease and looked after him as I knew they would. They gave the extra time he needed for recovery. I recommend this practice for their care, friendliness and high standard of treatment.

Maggie Stronach

“I originally only wrote a small review with 5* but I should write something better because I had a good experience. Had quite a few fillings done (I think it was 7) as well as a hygiene treatment. All of this was carried out during several appointments over the course of about 2 weeks. My teeth feel 10 times better now than they did before my original consultation, and they also look a lot cleaner and healthier. Because I hadn’t been to the dentist in some time I had a lot of buildup on my teeth which meant I required 2 hygiene treatments. After my first hygiene treatment there was one tooth that needed some extra work, and instead of having to wait for the second hygiene appointment I was able to get this specific tooth done on the same day at no extra cost, which I appreciated a lot because I was on a deadline to get this all done. I think the pricing is more than fair. If you’re in York and need a dentist, you’ll have a good experience here”


“I was recommended Crystal Clear Dental after experiencing problems with a previous dental practice. From the first moment I met Stephen and the rest of the team, I knew I was in good hands. Stephen kept me informed about the procedures he would need to perform and spaces between appointments were a realistic expectation. I’ve had the last of quite a few appointments and I can honestly say I’m quite sad not to be returning until next year! I am so happy with the finished result. Wish I’d been with you all sooner! Thankyou so much.”

Marie Hackett

“I’ve been with Crystal Clear for a few years now, but felt compelled to write a review after having a poor quality crown replaced by Stephen this week. He does an incredible job and I’ve never had a better dentist. He’s left me feeling no anxiety around having dental work done, and given me so much confidence through the work I’ve had with the practice!”


“A great experience from start to finish, all the staff at Crystal Clear are friendly, helpful & very professional. Having just had a total overhaul of all my teeth I can 100% recommend Steven & Crystal Clear”